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Default RetroCopy v0.800

A new release of RetroCopy, a multiple systems emulator for Windows, has been released. These are the changes:
  • [SEGA SYSTEM1] New Arcade System added. Sega System 1 (eg WonderBoy, Sega Ninja, My Hero, Flicky, Pitfall 2)
  • [SEGA SYSTEM2] New Arcade System added. Sega System 2 (eg Choplifter, WonderBoy In Monster Land)
  • [1942] New Arcade System added : 1942 and clones
  • [GENESIS] Fixed HVC latch issue in Genesis VDP, fixes Sunset Riders intro [Eke]
  • [GENESIS] Improved 68K resolution in relation to cycle accurate components improving timing accuracy
  • [GENESIS] Fixed numerous timing bugs in Genesis VDP thanks to new information [Eke, Nemesis]
  • [GENESIS] Implemented much more correct VRAM FIFO emulation and CTRL port, data write/read delays [Nemesis]
  • [GENESIS] Fixed some bugs with interrupt generation upon register changes
  • [GENESIS] Some cleanups to state code and performance improvements
  • [GENESIS] Added main CPU overclock option to improve framerate of some games (Skitchin, Road Rash, Lotus, Out of This World, etc)
  • [GENESIS] Fixed randomization issue in a lot of games due to non random VDP powerup (Street Fighter 2, Xmen, Eternal Fighters, etc)
  • [NES] Fixed a few NES timing issues
  • [NES] Added NES mappers 5, 10, 11, 13, 33, 64, 66, 69, 73, 228
  • [NES] Added NES APU amp level options in config file
  • [NES] Removed NES APU self filtering since resampling engine does better job
  • [NES] Added region selection to NES (PAL, NTSC, FAMICON)
  • [NES] Added Blargg NTSC Emulation filter option
  • [SMS] Added more complete emulation of SEGA mapper for the SMS, mostly dealing with features not currently used by any software
  • [SMS] Added Korean mapper to SMS for some newly dumped MSX ports (SMSPower)
  • [SMS] Now use "No mapper" for SMS games under 64KB instead of defaulting to the SEGA one
  • [SMS] Added "SRAM cart no mapper" option for SMS to allow complete 32KB dev carts compatibility
  • [SMS] Added CARD slot emulation and updated database to identify CARD games. These games can now only be run on the revelant Sega Master System consoles that had the CARD slot.
  • [GAMEGEAR] Every game has been officially added to the database so they can be identified with correct features.
  • [Z80] Fixed bug with reset changing too many registers and implemented random register values upon powerup
  • [Z80] Fixed NMI pin bug and implemented pulsing mechanism for NMI and IRQ pins
  • [SMSVDP] Randomized some parts of the VDP like real system. Fixes randomization issue in some games (Impossible Mission)
  • [CORE] Added movie and sound playback option through the use of LIBAVCODEC (same code behind VLC). This includes support for all popular formats (AVI, MP4, MPG, H264, MP3, WAV, etc).
  • [CORE] Fixed crash issue when saving screenshots
  • [CORE] Fixed some issues in SDL (memory leaks)
  • [CORE] Fixed a few .GAME conversion bugs dealing with unknown games
  • [CORE] Added a way to update .GAME files based on new database releases
  • [CORE] Added a warning that alerts user if emulation isnīt running at 100% speed
  • [CORE] Added much faster texture upload which allow HD videos and emulators to not use as much CPU transfering data
  • [CORE] Added over 15 GPU based filters using GLSL shaders. Includes 2xSAI, color limiting, flicker, geomorphic effects, etc. Uses your GPU power instead of CPU for filtering
  • [CORE] Added GPU based scanlines, with 3 main options (Vertical, Horizontal, Grid) and configurable brightness, width that can be combined with every other filter.
  • [CORE] Optimized multithreading code in the core, freeing up the video and audio threads resulting in better throughput and reduction in rare audio glitches.
  • [CORE] Implemented new global plugin template system for mapping data on address lines. Currently only SMS uses it.
  • [3D] Can now build and edit your own game rooms. This includes furniture placement, wall building, using stairs for multiple levels, etc.
  • [3D] Redid lighting shader, improving quality and performance
  • [3D] Now move around the world in first person mode instead of as a floating spectator
  • [3D] Implemented rudimentary player physics and collision detection in the game room
  • [3D] Occlusion based lighting and shadowing option added
  • [3D] Added screen projection mode which allows the light to be projected into room based on what is currently being drawn on the emulated screen
  • [3D] Back face culling now used for speed improvement, all models updated to work correctly.
  • [SOUND] Removed DirectSound3D and wrote a new 3D sound engine that is portable. It is much faster than the Microsoft engine and has more features (stereo panning, better sound positioning) and no crappy MS bugs!
  • [SOUND] Can now change sample rate and audio engine without restarting
  • [SOUND] Added 2 new audio backends. WASAPI Shared and WASAPI Exclusive. Only available on Vista or Win 7, lowers latency and improves quality.
  • [GUI] Changed main theme
  • [GUI] Changed the main page to show floating consoles and other video game related images
  • [GUI] Implemented rotating, scaling and alpha options for GUI windows when hardware support exists for it
  • [GUI] Redesigned many aspects of the "in emulator" interface. Now press escape to pause game and change various options.
  • [GUI] Streamlined main interface, moved 3D Game Room to itīs own area instead of complicating game browsing screen with different options.
  • [GUI] Added Sega Mark III and Sega Card Boxes to the 3D display
  • [GUI] Now align 3D game boxes to bottom instead of middle
  • [GUI] Slightly adjusted dimension of all game boxes to be more accurate
  • [GUI] Added 5 flags visible instead of 3. Made flags smaller with a better aesthetic.
  • [GUI] Improved running emulator interface. Now press escape to bring up options menu instead of moving mouse
  • [GUI] Added warning display when the emulator isnīt running at 100%
  • [GUI] Added status bar which currently shows whether you are :- Saving State, Loading State, Rewinding or Fast forwarding
  • [GUI] Added VRAM usage information to graphics options page. From tests it looks like if you have 128MB or more memory on your GFX card everything will be in VRAM increasing speed
  • [GUI] Fixed page up/down scroll bug in listview
  • [GUI] Now scroll the list when grouped GAME names selected/deselected, this keeps mouse cursor on the item you selected
  • [GUI] Now keep cache of internal images to stop them being loaded more than once by the PNG/JPEG theme loader
  • [GUI] Fixed memory leaks in a few controls
  • [GUI] Fixed memory leak in PNG/JPEG loading relating to themes
  • [GUI] Fixed some memory leaks in the font engine
  • [GUI] Fixed texture memory leak on options page when it was used more than once per session
  • [GUI] Now properly resort the list after adding items
  • [GUI] Changed the backend of the listview to use boost containers
  • [GUI] Changed window deletion code so that it safely cleans up every control
  • [GUI] Memory usage reduced significantly due to cleanups in textures and PNG/JPEG loading
  • [GUI] Now 5-10% faster due to better caching
  • [GUI] Fixed small issue with key repeat on some keys (Tommy)
  • [GUI] Fixed bug that would show a white screen in rom browser if directories were missing
  • [APP] Fixed bug with if user had TABLET installed
Download it at the project website. It'll be later available here.

Special thanks to Rancher for the news.
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