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Ugly Joe
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Originally Posted by Reaper man View Post
Wow, never have I been so glad that someone forgot to register to vote.

I don't think Obama is a bad guy and I don't think he'd make a bad president. However, I would never vote for him.

I call it the Apple conundrum.

Apple makes excellent (although overpriced) products. However, the vocal part of their userbase seems to be mostly pretentious toolbags -- many of whom have no idea how to use a computer for anything other than Facebook -- who will belittle you for using a PC. Since that fanbase seems so tied into the "Apple experience", it's a huuuuge detriment to me. I don't want to be associated with those kinds of users and, because of that, I won't be buying an Apple product anytime soon.

To me, the vocal Obama supporters that I come across draw a shocking parallel to the Apple userbase mentioned above. They're backing an excellent candidate, but they're so obnoxious that I don't want to have anything to do with them or what they're supporting.
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