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Azul Fria
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Default EmuLoader v5.8.3

The frontend for MAME has been updated and here are the changes.


  • Some weird user messages in "Not Used Zip Files" feature (main menu "Settings" / "Maintenance")
  • Delete/move selected files in "Not Used Zip Files" and "Not Used Game Config Files" features was freezing after removing items from the list
    User selected bios was not being added into the command line (MAME, multi-bios games)
  • Front-end freezing after running "BlinkBkEdit() function". It was using "GetTickCount()", not accurate on new CPUs (Core2Duo, PhenomII, etc). "No one reported this since the function was added... FATALITY!"
    Replaced by "Sleep()" function that can handle microseconds. Other functions do not require this.
  • Function "Export Games List" was only working for "standard" and "grouped" view modes (left panel popup menu)
  • Again, no bug reports :_((

  • Updated EasyListView/CommonLibrary to latest SVN source (August 10, 2009)
  • File "\docs\el-readme.txt" updated with latest changes
  • FastMM library updated to version 4.94

  • Minor tweaks in the user interface and source code


  • New feature: "Delete Game Config" (access on games popup menu or "Sift+DELETE" hot-key)
  • Use this to delete CFG/NVRAM files from MAME based emulators, NVDATA file from SEGA Model 2, CFG file from ZiNc and Another Arcade Emulator (AAE)
    When selecting one game, you are able to check/uncheck files. When in multi-selection screen, all games will be listed and you will be able to check/uncheck what files you want to delete or keep. Also, use the "Check All CFGs" / "Check All NVRAMs" buttons to check/uncheck all files for all games
  • Daphne system is not supported by this feature, and there's no recycle bin support!
  • New feature: "Not Used Game Config Files" ("Settings" main menu, "Maintenance")
  • Scan all systems for not used configuration files (cfg and non-volatile RAM). It works similar to the "Not Used Zip Files" feature. All systems supported, except from Daphne

Download it here here or at the website
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