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Default Help wanted...

Hi, I'm new to these here parts -- and was curious about a few things.

I'm not sure if this topic or these questions are ok, but here goes:

*I've started an Earthbound hack and was trying to find a couple people who might like to help me with it.
*Do any of you know where (if not here) I might be able to assemble a team?
*My hack isn't just a thought on a piece of paper, I could provide screens if necessary (for this topic to be acceptable)
*And, just out of curiosity, have any of you heard of Starmen.net? That's where I usually post, but I was trying to find talent and most of them over there are either wet behind the ears (and too nervous to try) or already got their plate full with some project or another. If you've never been there and are interested in hacking, it'd be worth checkin' out... starmen.net/pkhack
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Before I start my reply, let me state that for the record, your post was relatively well written and thought out, so if I come across as an asshole, it's a habit formed of responding to this exact question over a hundred times in the 10+ years that I've been involved in the ROM hacking and not targeted directly at you.

As I said, I've been involved in the ROM hacking scene for over a decade, and I've literally seen at least hundred people popping up on a message board for the first time, stating that they have a good idea for a hack and asking for people to join them in creating that hack. In all of that time, I can only recall seeing something come from such a post on a single occasion and that was likely because the person posting the request was already visible to a majority of the scene, being a staff member of this very site at the time, and that particular person doing the majority of the grunt work on the project and being very meticulous in designating specific duties to each of the people involved with the project. Also, this was a translation project, not a modification hack, so there was less room for disagreement in the final project than there would be for a purely creative hack.

As I said at the beginning, I don't have any problem with you or your post, so take this as an example of what a majority of people are going to think in a majority of similar circumstances and not as an attack on you. As you said, you're new to these parts, so very few, if any people here are going to know you. (There may be some other regulars from Starmen.net here, I'm not a fan of Earthbound, so I don't frequent that site.) So, in other words, nobody here knows anything about you other than you have what you believe to be a good idea for an Earthbound hack and want people to help you. That automatically counts against you, because even if you're quite technologically capable, 99% of people who post on ROM hack boards wanting to start a team don't know a damn thing about ROM hacking and just want to act as a manager of sorts so as to get people to do all the work for them. I'm not saying that this is what you're doing (after all, you did state that you've already started the hack) but that's going to be the automatically biased assumption of anyone who has spent any time around the ROM hacking scene. The other big drawback, you've already mentioned in conjunction with starmen.net. Anyone with the necessary knowledge & skills to assist you probably already have their own ideas that they're working on, it's rare that someone would be sitting around with the ability to hack a particular game but no ideas with which to do so and are just waiting around for someone else to come up with an idea for them.

What I would recommend is going forth on the project yourself, build a website for the project, show off as much progress as you can. Then, post requests for help with specific areas of the hack. People will see the progress that you've made, see that you're willing to put in your fair share of work on the project, see exactly what you're wanting help with and will know whether or not that is an area in which they can contribute. You're much more likely to attract talented people to your project in this manner than by cold posting on a forum and your project is much more likely to see the light of completion, as well.
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Ok . I knew it sounded just like that. It's just I've been to and registered (unfortunatly) to several forums in the past week. Most of them are barren of viewers. Should have known Zophar's Domain wouldn't be that way . Thanks for being so straightforward. I don't take offense to that at all. I will post some progress by the end of tonight or tomorrow.
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