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Lightbulb console emulation references

Hi. I'm writing my final project for the university about videogame emulation and I'm having troubles to find some references I need.
I hope you guys could help me finding references about:

* VPU and SPU
* Low Level Emulation
* Emulation Legality

I'd appreciate your help very much, these references driving me crazy.
Thank you in advance.

David DGM
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Hi there. IŽd recommend the EmuWiki Encyclopedia; they have an extensive database - perhaps youŽll find references there: EmuWiki

regards, schmocke
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You won't find much "objective" stuff on the legality of emulation, since all the documents are either produced by Nintendo or by emulation fans.

The Scribe has produced some very good documents on the subject of legality, however I don't know which kind of University project you are making, but its documents might be regarded as fan-made documents. Here's an example : http://www.overclocked.org/emufaq/EmuFAQ.pdf

He also made some good stuff about the history of emulation : http://www.zophar.net/articles/art_14-1.html

The emulation timeline at my site will also help you as far as history goes : http://www.emuwiki.com/index.php?tit...ation_Timeline

However we don't have an article about legality yet.

For legal stuff you should definetly check out all the important decisions taken by courts during the last 20 years :

For example, the Blizzard vs BNETD (note that this was a very particular network emulator type, and the specifics of this "emulator" (which isn't even considered an emulator by lots of people) made it lose their legal battle) : http://www.eff.org/cases/blizzard-v-bnetd

However all the other cases of emulation in courts have led to the conclusion that emulation was legal
See Sony vs Bleem : http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/script...917137&exact=1

There is a very interesting text by The Scribe on the issue of legality http://www.worldofspectrum.org/EmuFAQ2000/AppendixB.htm

It lists all legal cases and their conclusions.

Of course Wikipedia is a great ressource with lots of references in the footer of the page : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emulator

Of course be aware when you read Nintendo's stuff that they will pretend emulation is illegal in every document they release, even if they don't have any court decision to back these claims.

For HLE, there's an excerpt from Wikipedia on my site ( http://www.emuwiki.com/index.php?tit...ry_of_UltraHLE ) and at the bottom you can find old news posted on ancient emulation websites when UltraHLE came out. Basically the idea behind High level emulation is, since the N64 cartridge contain code that can be executed, instead of reproducing the complete behavior of the actual hardware that runs that code, we can take a shortcut and interpret the code because we know the end result of the code, so we don't have to pass through the whole process of emulating the actual board, the video card, etc...

Oooh I thought you asked about HLE but I just reread and you're asking about low-level emulation. Well low-level emulation is what most emulators do - take a simple hp calculator or sinclair spectrum emulator and you most probably have a low-level emulator. It means that it reproduces the behavior of the actual platform by emulating every single component of the platform, not taking shortcuts by interpreting anything else than pure machine code.
Online encyclopedias are the way to go in the future, and I say that totally objectively and in the most encyclopedic perspective that one can adopt.

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Presumably VPU and SPU stand for "Video Processing Unit" and "Sound Processing Unit" respectively.
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