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Default Concerning .gsf and all other game file formats

Hello all. This is my first post. I've been having problems in the past, but I recently experimented very heavily on two computers, and I found the solution. A lot of people have been having problems in the past with the "HIGHLY ADVANCED" and perhaps the "64TH NOTE" plug-in/.gsf/.usf/.psf, and so forth type files. When you click them to play in Winamp, it recognizes the title and the track length, but no matter how many times you hit the play button out of frustration, IT WON'T PLAY. Here's all you need to do to fix it. I tried this on at least two computers, and I guarantee this will work:


1. Download.
2. Open it with Winzip, WinRar, 7-zip, whatever you've got. I like Winzip and Winrar personally.
3. Here's the part that I guess has been tripping everyone up. First of all, keep everything closed. Do not have Winamp open right now. Now, shift-select ALL the files in the folder, INCLUDING THE .GSFLIB FILE OR .USA.USFLIB FILE, that random file that doesn't seem to be attached to anything. If you do not extract this file to the same location as the other ones...then they won't play. That's the problem right there. No joke, it's that simple.
4. Once you have extracted everything, click on one of the music files to play it, and it'll work. Note that you MUST EXTRACT FOR THIS TO WORK. If you simply try to click it from the zipped folder displayed in your unzipping program it won't work. You must extract to a new folder. For example, if you just downloaded the Golden Sun OST (Original Soundtrack for the nubs out there), then make a new folder in your music folder titled "Golden Sun OST" and then extract ALL the files to that folder. From then on, open that folder to get the music.

If you were having trouble with any of the other formats as well, this will solve that problem too. N64, whatever. Not all file types have that, but the ones that do you must remember to extract that part as well.

If this is old news, I apologize, but I just surfed the internet for over 2 hours looking for threads and such, and I found absolutely nothing of help anywhere. So I made a thread, nice and new, so that everyone on this website can see it!

If you'd like to make this a sticky mods if it's an important enough topic, you can. I would put pictures in here too, but I don't know how to do that. If someone wants to tell me how I would appreciate it and I'll add them in. Anyway, it's nice to know how to play those files. Even if you have the right plug-ins, it won't do you any good if you don't do it right.

Again, I apologize if this is a waste of bandwidth, lol. I just don't want anyone else to be frustrated with that very simple fix.

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TL;DR extract every file into a folder and it works.
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