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Default Kega Fusion 3.62

A new version of this Sega SG1000/SC3000/Master System/Game Gear/Genesis/SegaCD/32X emulator has been released for Windows, Linux and Mac.

This is the changelog:

Not much, mainly just a few tweaks and minor bugfixes.
  • Seperate SMS controls (finally) allowing for support of SMS Paddles and Light Phasers. The reason I haven't done this before is down to the UI. I don't much like the current solution, either, but it's functional for now.
  • State Slots now report if they are already in use, by request.
  • Allow changing state slots, and saving states (but not loading) during Netplay. I'm not sure what use this is, but it was often requested.
  • Added support for a couple of Custom SRAM games that were recently discovered.
  • Windows Live Messenger status updates. (thanks Gerrie!)
  • Many small behind the scenes bugfixes that you probably won't notice, and I've mostly forgotten...
Get it at the author's website. You can also download the Windows version here, the Linux version here, and the Mac version here.

Special thanks to VT-Vincent for the news.

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