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Azul Fria
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Default DBGL v0.66

DBGL is a Java frontend for DOSBox, based largely upon the proven interface of D-Fend.

Here's what's new :
  • Very easy migration to DOSBox 0.73: You can now select multiple profiles (shift, ctrl, ctrl-a) at once and change the associated DOSBox version in one go.
  • MobyGames querying! Thanks to some code from Manuel J. Gallego, DBGL can now contact MobyGames to receive game information by the profile's title. When multiple matches are found, DBGL will display a popup screen in which you may select the correct game. Even when editing multiple games at once, MobyGames consulting can be performed.
IMPORTANT: An extra library file is required for this functionality. So, for existing DBGL installations, instead of just updating dbgl.jar, you will also require this file to be stored in the dbgl/lib folder.
  • Many updates to the user interface with optional icons and more toolbar buttons. Game screenshots can be shown in a column in the profiles table and default window sizes are adjusted to make sure everything inside is visible on all supported operating systems.
  • Implemented tooltips for all DOSBox settings. Descriptions were more or less taken straight from dosbox.conf (drsassafras).
  • Refactored Windows desktop shortcut creation, effectively fixing this on 64-bit JVMs. JShortcut was dropped in favour of CScript (WindowsXP and up).
  • Many Mac improvements, such as dialog layout fixes and button size corrections. The menu bar now shows the correct application name (drsassafras). Added a Carbon OSX package for OSX 10.4 (Tiger) environments.
  • Added support for other screenshot image filetypes: ".gif", ".jpg", ".tif", ".tiff", ".ico" and ".bmp" are possible (retrofan).
  • Implemented the possibility to run a template.
  • Fixed a major bug where dosbox.conf drive mounts were not correctly being used when running a game's setup (Ronald S.).
  • Worked around incorrect SWT behavior where text fields in the profile editing screen could become very small, depending on the text in other fields (code120).
  • Made profile title sorting case-insensitive (RetroFAN).
  • Added a Russian translation from Oleg and an Italian translation from code120.
  • Automated the build-process; anyone should be able to build DBGL now by just downloading the (somewhat large) src package and running ant. The big advantage for the end-user is that I will be able to provide packages for all the various platforms simultaneously in the future.
  • Updated libraries for all platforms to the latest stable releases (SWT 3.5 and HSQLDB

Download the frontend here or at the author's website where you can also pick up the Mac OS X files.

via EmuWiki.com
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