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Default Kega Fusion 3.64

A new version of this Sega SG1000/SC3000/Master System/Game Gear/Genesis/SegaCD/32X emulator has been released. From the author:

I'm making this unplanned release, because things never go as planned, and all my stuff is going to be in storage for a while (again). Due to that thing they call 'real life' I have probably forgotten most of what I've changed since the last build, and there may be stuff I have only partially implemented and forgotten about.

But I'll list what I remember, and I'm sure you guys (and girls) will find stuff I forgot about, or broke - because you rock.

Most of what I've done is by user request. PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY MAJOR PROBLEMS IMMEDIATELY.
  • Swapped SMS buttons
  • Added an option (that I couldn't think of a suitable name for) to show the full SMS area when running GG games
  • Fixed a couple of non-working SMS games (auto disable of some features, e.g. YM2413, which would cause them to crash if present)
  • Fixed some other minor SMS issues
  • GG games that are really SMS games in a GG cart should now auto boot in SMS mode
  • A couple of 32X tweaks that will only matter to homebrew coders currently
  • Fixed a couple of SegaCD games that didn't boot/run - if you find any more, please do let me know - as far as I know, there are none
  • Command line with -scd or -mcd and no filename will now cause Fusion to start up in 'Boot SegaCD' mode
  • Added support for the (pretty useless) SF7000 floppy disk interface for the SC3000 - you need the SF7000 IPL ROM for this to work
  • SC3000 keyboard can now be enabled from the options menu
  • A few sound tweaks
Get it at the author's website. You can also download it here.
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