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Default bsnes v0.061 beta

A new release of this multi-platform SNES emulator is available.
  • added mightymo's cheat code database, access via "Find Cheat Codes" button on cheat editor window
  • added an option to temporarily disable all cheat codes quickly
  • debugger now properly uses S-SMP IPLROM when needed for disassembling and tracing
  • indexed indirect read opcodes in the S-CPU were testing for IRQs one cycle too early [someone42]
  • fix an off-by-one array iteration in S-PPU OAM rendering [PiCiJi]
  • added some implicit linked libraries to linker flags for Fedora [belegdol]
  • moved from C++98 to C++0x, resulting in substantial code cleanups and simplifications
  • C++0x: implemented foreach() concept for linear container iteration
  • C++0x: implemented concept system using SFINAE and type traits
  • C++0x: utilized auto keyword to increase source readability
  • C++0x: moved to strongly-typed enumerators
  • C++0x: rewrote va_list-based code to use type-safe variadic templates
  • C++0x: replaced noncopyable class with deleted default copy functions
  • C++0x: replaced custom static_assert template class with built-in version
  • C++0x: utilized rvalue references to implement move semantics into string, array, vector and serialization classes
  • C++0x: utilized std::initializer_list for { ... } initialization support to lstring, array and vector classes
Download it at the author's website. It'll be later available here.
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