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Default Still defending myself to the State 2 years later...

Re: Re: Additional Background Screening Information Required

1. the date, nature, seriousness, and circumstances of the offense/incident:

October 31st 2005, routine traffic stop, as a vehicle passenger, I am identified and arrested for an unpaid traffic ticket. After the arrest, the Police Officer searches the vehicle. Upon discovery of an empty breath mint tin containing alleged flake, speck or otherwise unusable residue of Cannabis Plant, the officer, using coercion, forces a charge on either the driver of the vehicle or myself. Already under arrest, and having no knowledge of the lengths at which the State of Utah will go to criminalize the innocent in this matter, I voluntarily accept the charge and spare the driver from arrest.

2. your age at the time of the offense/incident:


3. whether the offense/incident was isolated or repeated:


4. whether the offense/incident relates to the abuse of a child or vulnerable adult:


5. documented evidence of your rehabilitation, counseling, psychiatric treatment, additional schooling or training since the incident:

I fail to see the relevance in documenting such evidence on the basis of coerced possession charge of the aforementioned breath mint tin containing miniscule or otherwise unusable Cannabis Plant residue. As the former President Jimmy Carter said:

"Penalties against a drug should not be more dangerous to an individual than the use of the drug itself; and where they are, they should be changed. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against possession of marijuana."

Particularly in this case, whereas possession of residue and a common consumer item (charged as paraphernalia, yet non-specific to marijuana), this is clearly among the most innocuous of drug related charges.

Whereas I, the defendant, despite spending a substantial amount of money out of pocket for legal defense, yet sustained personal damages in the form of the following:

Jail time served; lost time at work; character defamation regarding criminality of said charges; $500.00 court fine; additional time spent in court and legal counsel; suspension of driver’s license; restriction of basic freedoms relative to court mandated probation; additional complications with employment, as evidenced by your inquiry.

I am inclined to side with the statement quoting former President Carter. Surely the State has moved beyond the confines of justice to the apprehensible and blatant criminalization of basically good human beings.

In my defense, I am a 32-year-old without criminal record, or even so much as a minor traffic accident in 15 years of driving. I am the oldest of 10 children. I am an artist, musician, promoter of freedom and humanity; promoter of peace. I have served the LDS Church in a Mission to Nebraska. I have developed business areas for major companies including Novell and AccessData (Leader in Forensic Software used by Law Enforcement across the globe).

I was so engaged after the initial offense/incident, my first response was to build a media case. However, upon further investigation, I discovered that overuse of law was a problem rampant in America. I quickly dropped any notion of using my experience as an example and sought alternative ways to be involved in change.

6. other information you want the committee to consider:

You, ladies and Gentlemen, are a part of that opportunity for change. My current employment and means of providing for my family rests in your hands. Be that you feel further “justice” or otherwise precaution is warranted on behalf of the violent and emotionally disturbed youth that I care for, then it is your prerogative to act within your conscience in this matter. However, consider carefully the precedents you set in a State and Nation so beset with what I would consider REAL crimes, such as those against humanity: Violence, Rape, Neglect and Abuse of unwitting and/or helpless subjects.

In time, I believe people with experiences similar to mine will be exonerated.
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