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Default FF3usME v6.31

Lord J updated FF3usMe after about a 7 month hiatus it seems. It would also appear that new bugs have been made as well. I've already found one (the all files filter doesn't filter correctly) and the formations editor seemed to crap out after about #260 or so. I did check the monster identifer (mould use) and uncheck it, so I'm not sure if that caused it or not.

Aside from some welcome changes, it seems to be a bigger system hog now in some editors. I also get the feeling that it will be released again with another new bug fix version in the near future.

Hehehe, after seeing that, I started going through my stuff, and found some memories. My FF6 challenge-like hack, my bugs list (see attachment), and my screenshots are missing! (They might be in the rar file on hypher's server, but it was down at the time I posted this.)

Ahhhh, memories...

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