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Default Re: Final Fantasy 2 - Demonic Pandemonium

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(By the way, I can make a quick patch to enhance the graphics, but I'm not touching the mountains without an interface to view them as they look in-game... at least they're not as bad as FF1's)

I'm not sure I'm following on the enhancing... Although the mountains still look terrible. My idea was to make them like FF3's mountains. But the castle using that same palette, it would've conflicted with the current setup. Oh well, that's a project for the next hack.

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Edit: By the way II, I forgot to save my game, so I started over and got to Phin again, this time I didn't use the magic every battle (I was just so happy it was strong),

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Guy got about 200 extra HP and Firion got 50 or so. Maria got none because she's in the back row... I think I'll switch her over to a lance like I usually do.

It's nice having a party that doesn't completely suck at the beginning, eh? <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

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