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Default sdlMESS v0.134

Alongside sdlMAME v0.134, sdlMESS has also been updated. Read on for the notes on this new version (they are pretty similar to what is said in the MAME post:
  • Up to date with baseline 0.134 and SDLMAME 0.134. This includes all features and changes from the SDLMAME 0.133 cycle (RB)
    See docs/messnew.txt for full information on what's new in baseline.
    For PowerPC Macs and the PS3, you must set "BIGENDIAN=1".
    NOTE: The makefile should be fully SMP safe, so use make -j3 for dual-core and -j5 for quad-core to build MAME at speeds never before achieved.
Known problems:
  • On Mac OS X you must use SDL 1.2.13 or later to avoid crash problems.
  • Do not use -mt (multithreading) on Mac OS X at this time. This affects only offloading the final blit - you will still get the full benefit of multiple processors automatically on the heavier/3D games.
  • MAME's core has some big-endian problems still - this causes some games to not work or work improperly on systems with a PowerPC CPU, including older Macs and the Playstation 3.
  • Recommended benchmark switches: -nosound -video none -nothrottle -str 90 -window But feel free to customize.
Like sdlMAME before it, head on over to rBelmont's page for a download of this update.

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