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Question NES Palette Hack (Dragon Warrior IV)

Okay, so I've easily found the graphics in Dragon Warrior IV, and managed to shift them to graphics from Ultima: Quest of the Avatar. Fun.

It appears the graphics are stuck with 4 colors apiece, but I can use any or all of the four colors to draw the thing. However, different tiles on the screen have different colorsets, so I guess it's time for me to learn about palettes.

I assume that somewhere, the code has directions about which colors go with which palette, and, given that this game has several light levels as it shifts from night to day, I further assume that the game can shift the palettes on the fly. So, where do I start looking for this, and what sort of information or information format am I actually looking for here?

Thank you for your help
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Are you wanting to change what colors are in a particular palette? Or are you wanting to change what palette a particular tile uses?

If it's the former, there are several (old) documents about palette hacking. I seem to remember initially learning about it from a document written by toma which I presume is hosted here at ZD and over at RHDN. (Or just Google for palette hacking toma and I'm sure you'll find it.

If it's the latter, well, it can be done, but I'll have to do some research before I can offer any advice. Not sure if there's anything written about it or not.
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Default Palette

Well, my goal is to have control over which palette gets used by any given tile (or at least small set of tiles, as it appears 4 tiles go together to make a normal game tile of 16x16), so that I would have freedom to alter and rearrange the tiles without being constrained by the origin palette associations.

You know, move the flowers over to the spot where the stone wall is, without having the flowers become shades of gray.

I would also like to be able to shift the palette, but that's a lesser goal of mine. Still, as it seems to be easier, I guess I'll pursue it first.

I looked up toma's guide and it appears to be pointing me in a good direction. However, a couple of obstacles have already appeared.

Firstly, I'm not using Nesticle right now, so this is me doing without that useful tool. If I must resort to it, I will, but I'm interested in seeing how far I get without it.

Secondly, the colors shown on his page don't match the colors shown on my game (DWIV), which makes me think that he's using those "web safe" colors that obviously aren't going to match the colors the game uses normally. Which means I have to look at a set of eight greens and try to figure out which ones form the greens I'm looking for. Fun.

Thirdly, the first spot I located that appeared to have a reasonable set of values for the carpet tile... well, I changed it to "cyan magenta yellow red" and it didn't change the carpet tiles at all when I tested it. So it's the wrong spot. Guess I'll be checking at greater length. I switched to the flower tile as my goal, because it has more distinctive colors.

But when I can't pin down the colors exactly, I'm stuck trying every possible combination of "orange, light green, dark green" in every order... and they might have a black between them, and there are eight possible black colors (I assume 0F and 3F are the likely choices, though).

Ergo...... grunt work. Hope I'm grunting myself in the right direction.
Only the curious have, if they live, a tale worth telling at all.
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