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Default Re: NESwrite useful for object editing?

> Yeah, but Basic is very popular language. In my country no
> one has even heard of c++, java and others, just Basic.

Yeah don't hate on basic. Some of my fondest memories are programming text adventure games on my Commodore 128 in Basic....

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Default Re: NESwrite useful for object editing?

> I don't even know how to use NESwrite (stupid DOS
> full-screen application) but I read how it works and I
> thought,
> "Why not use that instead of Hexposure for object editing?"
> So, any ideas?

Actually, that program can be pretty nifty if level data is laid out the right way =] All it really is is a hex editor that loads graphics instead of a table, it's actually not as nifty as it sounds. Unless you want to do a hack of Bubble Bobble 2 for gameboy.

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