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Default A little hack I cooked up

Although not to be confused with the other I'm boasting, this is a <a href=http://www.cpinternet.com/~norwin/lenophis/ff2arena.rar>hack of FF2</a>. Jathys would refer to this as an Arena hack, so I'll do the same. [/thief]

You need to patch this to Demi's translation, v1.03 without the title screen fix.

* This hack puts some rather odd enemies on the world map, and you probably wouldn't expect them to show up there.
* There's no chance to win the opening battle, I made sure of that.
* The focus of the hack rests around Altea, the town you start by.
* The weapon shop has the best weapons, all very expensive.
* Armor shop has no changes, you need to win the better gear.
* All of the encounters on the world map have been changed. Very different than before. I have lack of screenies, because I didn't want to spoil it.
* Some battles may be an endurance match, but once you have the proper gear, everything is killable.
* Magic is stronger, so beware.
Encounters: (damn, spoils it anyway.)
Behemoth: (blue) The easiest battle.
King Behemoth: (tan) Endurance match, hits very hard, but not that accurate.
Iron Giant: Hits hard and often, not much defense.
Tiamat, Beelzebub/Satan, Astaroth: All equally difficult.
Emperor: By far the most HP, a bit of an endurance match. The ultimate goal of victory rests on defeating him. But, he's not impossible like he once was. (In terms of the original game.)

Enjoy. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>

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