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Thumbs up [MOD] Destiny of an Emperor Rise of Lu Bu 3.0

Rise of Lu Bu Version 3.0 Download Link 8/16/2013
HTML Code:

Rise of Lu Bu Youtube Video:
HTML Code:
Old Version 2.0 below
HTML Code:
FCE Ultra Emulator Download Page
HTML Code:
Use FCE Ultra 2.1.5 or above Emulator for BEST compatibility.

Game changes in Rise of Lu Bu 3.0

*New story - Star as Lu Bu did instead of with Liu Bei and his crew
*New Duel Tactic
*New 8 Tactic Battle System
*New Menu system to equip multiple items at once
*New borders, status screens, and dual colored text effects
*New agility based attacks
*Battle balancing and new officers
*Lots of typos fixed

2012 Huo Hu Award for Best Comedy in a Mod: TIE: Rise of Lu Bu (by sonic penguin 2011-2012) and Yuan Shao's Revenge (by MiDKnighT 2010-2012)
Runner up: Yuan Shu Mod by Lord Yuan Shu 2007-2011)

Yuan Shao's Revenge (by MiDKnighT 2010-2012)

Yuan Shao mod, the moment Cao Cao slaps Cao Hong

I would say Yuan Shao vs. Yuan Shu, but since the Emperor still did not get any new clothes in the Yuan Shu mod, and a lot of the mod needed cleaned up, I'll have to cast my vote for Yuan Shao's Revenge.

Destiny of an Emperor 2.0: Rise of Lu Bu (by sonic penguin 2011-2012)

Rise of Lu Bu - sonic.penguin will know why I chose this.

There are times I go through and play and it seems like a Dynasty Warriors game with all the classic quotes and silly behavior from townspeople. I think there are no less than 10 townspeople talking about action figures, buying DoaE books, etc.

__________________________________________________ _____

Voted WINNER of the following 2011 Huo Hu Awards:

Best Story line/Text Modifications
Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 - Rise of Lu Bu: the plethora of changes, and overall theme is quite consistent.... and the fictional story progression is in place as well. Comedy is nice.

Best Map Modifications
New optional routes for traveling convenience, provides a more open-ended NES style RPG experience. Great Wu stone maze and the Yellow Turban area is way different (even if a little ugly and un-natural looking).

Best Comedy in a Mod
There are times I go through and play and it seems like a Dynasty Warriors game with all the classic quotes and silly behavior from townspeople. I think there are no less than 10 townspeople talking about action figures, buying DoaE books, etc.

L..Lu Bu! Don't kill me!
Liu Zhang, Rise of Lu Bu mod

Player Reviews!:

"This was a VERY enjoyable mod!... though the Stone Sentinel maze did start to get to me (which is the point, right?)!"

HugDaddy @ the-scholars.com

"the lu bu mod was amazing"
Shifter 420 @ @ the-scholars.com

"Man, I'm playing this mod and I don't believe my eyes."
"It was challenging, but also coherent and interesting enough to make it worth doing."

Lord Yuan Shu @ the Lordyuanshu.com/forums

"After playing many of the downright brutal DoaE, it was nice to play the lubu mod that was fairly balanced although still more difficult than the original"
unfy @ the Lordyuanshu.com/forums

".it was a real nice mod, insane battles aside."
Tarrot @ the-scholars.com

"I had to give Lu Bu the gemsword so I could stop buying resurrects."
MiDKnighT @ the Lordyuanshu.com/forums

";I wish I was like Lu Bu..."
Man @ Luosang Village


Yeah... Like he said! -points up-

Synopsis: Follow the story of Lu Bu as he brutally mangled his way through ancient China in DESTINY OF AN EMPEROR: RISE OF LU BU 3.0!



Original changes in RISE OF LU BU

1. Increased difficulty for major boss battles. You might have to plan your use of strategists at different points. Get to know your tactics and what they do!

2. Faster leveling than the original DOAE 2.0 to aid vs. difficulty increase.

3. New officers/ removal of officers who are just a waste of space in battles + changed portraits!

4. New officer stats/rebalancing. The game will be easier and harder at different points and not so exploitable throughout *most* of the game. Don’t expect to be An-Sha-ing/Beheading your way through Shu and Wu either!

5. TONS of changed dialogue to make characters more unique, tell a differing story, and enhance gameplay/humor value from the generic dialogue of the original.

6. Some slight changes to maps to remove a few exploitable areas of the game + extras!

7. Unexpected surprises throughout the game! (don't we all love them?)

8. Faster/cleaner dialogue after battles, in menus, and when dealing with merchants to eliminate extra keystrokes.


Updates! 10/6/11

9. Increased TP gains per level 5-6. 1/16 chance of 4 or 7.

10. Adjusted HP of many characters and battles.

11. Fixed dialogue for townspeople for errors and for a more unique dialogue. We will no longer go to meet them now... q.q

12. Increased chance of higher damage for you and enemies! (about 5% change)

13. New generic enemies in some boss fights!


New sprite colors!

Updates 10/19/11

14. NEW sprite colors! Look at those awesome colors...groovy!

15. Changed weapon and armor types sold in some stores. Now advanced weapons are available earlier at a premium cost!

16. Weapon AP adjustments.

17. Tactic cost change for Behead (AnSha) and Zeal (Bei Ji)

18. Level 52 is possible if you aren't greedy early on...

19. Now you automatically start with 200 gold and 1000 food.

20. Some people offer BONUS level ups for free! Make sure to talk with people.

21. BONUS battles. More boss battles than the original, yes MORE, added to the game and placement adjustments for lots of surprise battles. Watch out for ambushes!



*If you can't seem to win by brute force, try changing your party around.
*Formation is key. Officers on top get hit A LOT more than ones on the bottom. (that doesn't sound right??)

I have played the game through myself more than once and found it to be an excellent challenge and full of surprises for DOAE veterans.

Any feedback on the mod and suggestions for totally necessary changes would be very welcome.

More info can be found in the FAQ that is zipped in the mod at the top of this post or at:
HTML Code:
Thanks for downloading and enjoy!
Regards, sonic.penguin

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