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Default About PSX music

First of all I have to say I love this web

This is not really hacking... well everything is hacking if it involves learning how a game works and it could help with other psx games.

I've ripped the music from a game called Pandemonium!.

The game uses .SEQ (midi) and samples (stored in soundbank "VAB" files) as many other psx games.

I want to convert this music to Tracker format, like IT "impulse tracker", XM...

There is a program called awave studio (can I say it? ) which can merge a SEQ (midi) and a VAB (dls), and then you can create a tracker IT XM
I have some music from Kingdom Hearts (PS2) converted to IT. (less than 1MB each song and the sound is perfect).

The problem is, in Pandemonium I can't rip VAB's but two different files: VH (header) and VB (sounds bank).
Awave just reads the VH header (Exadecimal pBAV. . .) without the instruments.

Each song has its own files, for example, song1.SEQ - song1.VH - song1.VB.
I can convert SEQ to midi, extract .WAV samples from VB, and then try to guess what sample belongs to every instrument. The resulting song is not very good.

...if I knew how to merge VH + VB into a VAB... I could easily make IT or XM files, creating a perfect rip of the music.

There are tools to split a VAB into VH and VB... but I'm not able to merge them!

I hope somebody finds this interesting and helps me.


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