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Default Re: MAME Cabinets

> Not to mention I have cut my self on those things all the
> time. Could they make the edges any sharper?

I don't really remember if they were sharp or not, I mean ... it's been 8 years. All I remember were Star Wars pizza boxes and being electrocuted a lot.
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Default Re: MAME Cabinets

I'm wondering the same thing, actually. If I can hook-up some cheap-o Dreamcast lightguns, I'd go for it. Otherwise, I've seen the "authentic" arcade parts around $150 for one lightgun. <img src=smilies/retard.gif>
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Default Re: MAME Cabinets

*reads $150 and thinks "geez, thats quite a bit"*
*relises its US$ and thinks "fucking hell, thats almost $300"*

id only really want to get a gun if its got some kind of force feedback. when i go to the arcade, i cant stand playing any gun games without a moving gun slide after playing ones with.
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