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Default GBA Roms on Acekard2i - DSi

Hello everyone!
I'm new to this forums and so far I found them to be very friendly, so I decided to post here, hoping for once I won't get flamed -.-

So here it goes:
I KNOW you can run GBA games on Acekard 2i with DSi. I know it, because I already had an emulator once and I patched my DSi with an official patch automatically, forgetting I shouldn't, so my DSi got f*cked up. I had to wait for Acekard2i's patch, but still I lost all applications on my DSi/Acekard2i.
And on all forums I go, they say emulators don't yet exist and that it's not possible to play gba roms on acekard2i, unless you are using DS or DS lite and not DSi. Well, I know it's possible. I already did so, I just can't find the emulator anymore.

Anyhow, I see your guys are pretty smart (of course) regarding this stuff, so I hope you can help me somehow. If not for GBA, then at least for other consoles like Gameboy color, NES and stuff like that.

Thank you.
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I hate to break it to you, but you can't play GBA games with *just* a Slot-1 Nintendo DS flash cart of any variety (unless it's an iPlayer or the upcoming Supercard DSTWO...they're special, have extra ram and an extra embedded processor). More than likely what they're talking about is something like one of the apps that load a GBA game onto a slot-2 card that has built in RAM for just such this use. Those aren't emulators, those are running GBA games in the DS's GBA mode.

Now, SNES, GB/GBC, NES, and a bunch of other systems are doable. The best SNES emulator would be SnemulDS (not perfect, but a lot of games run decently), and I think that the only GB/GBC emulator is Lameboy. With NES, there are a few choices, though IMHO NesDS is the best. For Genesis you can use jenesisDS, and for NeoGeo games there's NeoDS. There are more too, like for Master System and various arcade units. All should be on this site as I remember, or you can just Google 'em.
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