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Default Mini vMac v3.1.3 Beta

Mini vMac has had a new beta release for all platforms. Here's what Mini vMac's author has to say on the site about this new version:
There is now a Mini vMac 3.1.3 beta, with a few small bug fixes. (The Variations service is also updated.) Thanks to an anonymous bug report and patch, 16 and 32 bit color will now work in Intel OS X (to the extent that the incomplete Mac II emulation works at all).

I've noticed that if Mini vMac is in Stopped Mode, mouse and keyboard events are no longer discarded, but saved in the Mini vMac event queue and played back upon leaving Stopped Mode. This might not be quite what is expected, but I've not changed this, since it turns out to be a good way to test that the new event queue code works as expected. Which it didn't. I've fixed several bugs in it. (The new event queue code is supposed to ensure that mouse and key events are handled accurately, even if emulation is not getting time to run regularly.) Also fixed is a bug where if Mini vMac for OS X was in Stopped Mode, error messages such as for failing to open a disk image would not be displayed.

I've updated the copyright year for the build system. Thanks to Ryan Schmidt for pointing this out. Also fixed is a bug where the build system would fail silently if the argument to "-n" is too long. (The maximum allowed by the HFS file system is 31.)

Since several people have asked about it, I have recently enabled donations for Mini vMac again. Asking for donations has not been very effective in the past, but I'm in no position to turn them down. I'm also trying something new, creating a "wish list", so that people can sponsor specific items that would aid the Mini vMac project. For example, Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Donations can be made from the Help Mini vMac page. This page also lists many other ways to help the Mini vMac project, financially and otherwise. My thanks to the one person who has already noticed this page and made a donation.
You can naturally get it from the mini vMac site, or from it's respective pages on Zophar's Domain. The page for Windows is here, Linux here, and Macintosh here.
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