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Default bsnes v0.038

A new release of this SNES emulator is available.
  • eliminated S-DD1 DMA enslavement to the S-CPU; this allows the S-DD1 to behave more like the real chip, and it also simplifies the S-CPU DMA module
  • eliminated S-PPU enslavement to the S-CPU; all processor cores now run independently of each other
  • added cycle-level S-PPU timing for OAM address reset and OBSEL; fixes scanline glitches in Mega Lo Mania and Winter Olympics
  • removed ppu.hack.* settings; as they are no longer needed due to above changes
  • corrected VRAM tiledata cache bug; fixes Super Buster Bros v1.0 reset glitch
  • added memory export and trace logging key bindings to user interface
  • removed WAV logging (to trim the emulation core)
  • embedded readme and license texts inside executable
  • simplified S-CPU, S-SMP flag register handling
  • source code cleanup for S-CPU timing module
  • GUI-Linux: added style improvements to the listbox and combo box controls
  • GUI-Linux: finally added filetype filter support to the file open dialog
  • GUI-all: shrunk configuration panel [FitzRoy]
  • GUI-all: modified paths panel descriptions for clarity [FitzRoy]
Get it at the author's website. You will also be able to download the Windows binary and the source code here later.
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