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Default Audio Overload v2.0b9

The Audio Overload music player has been updated to its latest version, v2.0b9, in Audio Players Utilities section.

Audio Overload is a music player written by Richard Bannister that plays a variety of emulated music formats, including:

.AHX - Commodore Amiga
.AY - Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX/Atari ST
.COP - Sam Coupe (also found as .SAA sometimes)
.GBS - Nintendo Gameboy
.GSF - Nintendo Gameboy Advance
.GYM - Sega Megadrive/Genesis
.HES - PC Engine
.HVT - Commodore Amiga
.IMF - PC-compatibles, various Apogee games
.MDX - Sharp X68000
.MOD - Commodore Amiga
.NSF - Nintendo NES
.NSFE - Nintendo NES (enhanced tags)
.ORC - TRS-80 Orchestra-90
.PSF - Sony PlayStation
.PSF2 - Sony PlayStation 2
.QSF - Capcom QSound
.RAW - PC-compatibles with an AdLib
.ROL - PC-compatibles, AdLib Visual Composer
.S3M - PC-compatibles with a GUS or SoundBlaster
.S98 - NEC PC-98 (also the related .MYM and .X1F formats)
.SAP - Atari XL/XE
.SC68 - Atari ST and Amiga (this file format can contain many other types)
.SCI - PC-compatibles, various Sierra games
.SNDH - Atari ST
.SPC - Super Nintendo
.SPU - Sony PlayStation
.VGM - Sega Master System/Game Gear
.VTX - Spectrum Vortex Tracker
.WSR - Bandai WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color
.YM - Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX/Atari ST

v2.0b9 now provides support for Windows as well.

To download Audio Overload, visit:

The official site for Audio Overload is:
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Sounds like a godsend for us audiophiles. Good find, lexmetroid.
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