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Default bsnes v0.063

A new stable release of this multi-platform SNES emulator is available.
  • fixed off-by-one buffer size issue in S-PPU RTO calculations [PiCiJi]
  • added XML parser
  • added XML-based memory mapping system
  • moved header-based memory mapping code into snesreader library
  • added some linker flags for Fedora [belegdol]
  • added cheat code database; with codes for over 1,500 games [mightymo]
  • fixed a bug where S-CPU IRQs were being tested one cycle early on direct page indexed read opcodes
  • added global cheat system enable/disable checkbox to cheat code editor
  • fixed bug in overflow calculation of S-CPU ADC and SBC opcodes in BCD mode [blargg]
  • emulated the S-CPU ALU MUL and DIV hardware delays with partial result calculation steps [blargg]
  • controller port read now returns real-time results of B button when strobe latch is raised
  • major improvements to emulation of the S-SMP TEST register [blargg, byuu]
  • fixed DSP2 memory map [Overload]
  • "Apply Patch" checkbox will now scan UPS patch folder if one is set in the paths section
  • fixed S-CPU TSC negative flag calculation in emulation mode [address]
  • added "make uninstall" command to Makefile for Linux users
  • S-CPU (H)DMA now updates the S-CPU MDR; fixes a freeze in Speedy Gonzales - Stage 6-1
  • very substantial code cleanups and optimizations as a result of moving from C++98 to C++0x
Download it at the author's website. Windows version will be available here later and the source code for Linux users will be available here.
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