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Default Ootake v2.34

A new release of this PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 emulator for Windows is available. These are the changes:
  • The setting of "+5,+10,+20 and +30" was added to "Screen->Brightness" menu. It is possible to adjust it according to the favor and the display environment. * The melody falls in some environments when lightening it too much. And it becomes easy to become tired when the game is played.
  • The image quality of the screen size "Special Scanlined" at "X4" has been improved.
  • When "Gradius II" is started, the stereo setting start is done by the automatic operation. If the check on "Setting->CPU->Auto Improve Grapics & Sound (Gradius II)" menu is removed, or if soft reset (SELECT+RUN button) is done after it starts, it becomes a normal start (flicker mode & monaural setting).
  • In "Bonanza Bros." and the visual scene of "Black Hole Assault", the overlapping processing of the character was done as well as a real machine.
  • The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine.
  • In "IQ PANIC", the problem that fell into disorder the screen and had been freezed when having entered the hut was solved. In the opening demo of "Farjius no Jakoutei", the problem that the screen occasionally fell into disorder was solved.
  • When "Jantei Monogatari" is started, a part of CD-ROM access processing becomes slowness near a real machine. The problem that the display occasionally fell into disorder at the technique selection screen was solved.
  • When "Vasteel" is started, a part of CD-ROM access processing becomes slowness near a real machine. The voice problem of the visual scene was solved.
  • In "Yami no Ketsuzoku Harukanaru Kioku", if non-stretched screen mode setting is used, the switch is temporarily divided into the real stretched screen mode.
  • "Invalidate CD Install" was added to "CPU" menu. This is compulsorily operated with "Real CD-ROM". "CD Installed" file ("CD-ROM->CD (Full)Install" menu) is not used. (for operation test)
  • Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
Download it at the author's webpage. It will be later available here.
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