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Default How does that happen...

So I've had an old 30gb Samsung hard drive that I thought was dead (heads were clicking) laying on a shelf for a couple years now. I know I've tried it a few times before to see if it still worked and it didn't. Now just a few hours ago I was going to try Installing <strike>a copy of</strike> an old beta of Vista to see what all of the fuss is about. I tried an old SCSI drive, it doesn't work under Vista. Tried another drive, too small. I picked up my supposedly dead Samsung drive, not even expecting it to work...And shit, it works! All my old porno and mp3's, I've got them all back! How the hell does that happen, a piece of computer hardware at one time does not function then let it sit for a few years and then it does? It's not the first time it's happened to me either. I had an old 14 inch Compaq monitor that at one time wouldn't work. Same story, I let it sit for a few years, tried it and it worked!
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Default Re: How does that happen...

> wouldn't work. Same story, I let it sit for a few years,
> tried it and it worked!
I had a Memorex 4x CDRW that died (second exchange!) that cost me $350 back in 1997. Since it was so expensive I didn't get rid of it. Well...I moved to Ohio and got cable modem and a dreamcast and since I was short on money I said "what the heck" and proceeded to install it on my awesome p233 with 64mb of ram and windows98. It worked flawlessly.
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