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Default emulator *DELETED*

Post deleted by Prower
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Default Re: emulator

> CEpeep is a COMPLETE retard.

Lemme get this straight -- you make TWO (edit: 3 -- apparently you crossposted in ROMhacking too) pointless empty threads when the original threads were locked... insult an admin... and CEpeep is the retard?


Threads are locked for a reason. Move on.
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Default Re: emulator

> CEpeep is a COMPLETE retard.
> atari4u, I can't help you as I have no experience with that
> system, but I will not flame you or be an asshole towards
> you.

every <a href\"http://www.zophar.net/wwwthreads/rules.php">rule</a> here has/is being broken by you. Maybe not 1 but thats alot. lol
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Default Re: emulator

> CEpeep is a COMPLETE retard.

Sorry to disappoint, but I didn't have anything to do with whatever it is you're upset about. It's the responsibility o the moderators to handle most board moderation, including bannings.
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Default Re: emulator

> CEpeep is a COMPLETE retard.

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