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Default Changing a user-generated value?


I only just got into ROM hacking (pretty much out of necessity, but I've always been interested in it and I used to think "oh, that's for other people, I'm not capable of doing that") and I'm a little confused. What I'm doing is pretty much specific to a certain game, Pokemon Silver. Perhaps I can explain a little more.

I'm playing on a Dingoo, which is like a portable emulator. It's a Chinese bootleg thing. The Silver game's clock does not run, although for some reason it DOES log the amount of hours I've spent playing. Being that there are time-related events in Pokemon, I'd like to be able to alter this value. So I tried the old-fashioned way of changing the time: Down-Select-B. Generate the password online and there you go.

This is complicated by the fact that I am playing the Swedish translation of Pokemon Silver. The password you generate is based on the characters in your name. For example, if your name is Rar(l), you take the first five characters, find their values in some table, add them all up, then add this to some other values. But I used the Swedish letter , which does not show up in any character table. I imagine that the translator replaced some other sign with the letter to make the new script, but I've tried every combination (for example, if my name were ke, I've tried (ke, )ke, [ke, /ke, etc. Nothing works. I even went through the grueling process of writing down every single possible combination for the first letter of the name and manually generating the passwords, then testing them out. Inexplicably I've had no success.

This leaves me with two options: change my character's name by editing the save file so that I don't have a weird special character in it and I can change the time normally, OR I can alter the time in the ROM itself. I found a Hex editor and opened up my ROM and my save file, and was greeted with wonderful walls of character garbage. The search function was not useful.

I suppose I could just restart my game and pick a new name, but that would be boring!

Can anyone give me a pointer as to whether these two values (the name of my character, the time) can be changed? Or perhaps if it's possible to find the number values used in the algorithm so that I can find the number assigned to ? (the algorithm used is here: [url]http://www.gamefaqs.com/gbc/446340-p[/url]

I don't expect anyone to just solve my problem like *snap* that - I know that's not the character of these sorts of communities. But if anyone could give me a clue as to what I'm doing wrong or where I should go, it would be greatly appreciated.
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The name of your character would be the easiest to change. It should be stored in your save file. You'll likely need to use a table file to find it and hack it. I presume there are table files for Pokemon Silver readily available on the web, but probably not for the Swedish translation. You may have to open the unhacked and translated ROMs side by side in a graphics editor to figure out whether changes need to be made to the table file or whether you just need to add the additional characters.

http://datacrystal.romhacking.net/wi...old_and_Silver has ROM and RAM maps + a table file, so you might start there. I suspect what you're looking for is the Stored Trainer Names listed in the RAM map.
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In case you're interested to know, the font is stored at 0xF82F2 and is in 1bpp form. A stands for 80, B 81, ... so you could see also that way which byte is used for in this hacked game (there are unused slots for adding "new letters" so the creator probably used one of them for it).

And player's name is stored in D1A3 like shown in the ram map.
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