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Default Help me translation N64 games

I want translation any N64 games, I searched support tool but I don't find. I used Sprite View v1.65 (by Peekin) but It only work on Win98 or MS-DOS. Somebody give to me a translation tool for Windows XP? and tutorial me to use it. Thank you very much!
(Sorry, My English is not good I'm Vietnamese)
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Tile Molester should work for graphics editing. It will run on any Java enabled platform (which includes XP) and has support for N64 ROMs. As for hex editors, I would recommend WindHex.

What game are you planning to translate? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a pretty easy game to translate, as the text is stored in plain ASCII format and doesn't even require a table file to edit.

I don't know if OoT has already been translated to Vietnamese or not. I looked on RHDN but they don't appear to have any Vietnamese translations and ZD only has one, a translation of a GBA game. I'm sure you know more about the Vietnamese ROM hacking scene (if such a scene even exists) than I do, so I'd suggest looking around and, if nobody has translated Ocarina of Time yet, it would be an excellent place to start.
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Thank you for your answer. I want to tranlation Legend of Zelda, I also viewed a tutorial tranlation Legend of Zelda to Russian. Russian using Unicode, UTF-8 because i think I can translate to Vietnamese( also use Unicode, UTF-8)
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