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just tried megaconv11b as well with no luck ether. probably because i suck at dos
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The 9th Sage
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Yeah, at this point I think I'd give up were it me. I guess there's a reason I've never seen MD format ROM files. I wish I could help you better myself, but I've never encountered any of these.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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Holy shit, MegaConv is so old that it was developed on an Amiga.. in 1992, apparently.

Anyway, I fucked with it and eventually figured out how to use it. (Don't feel too bad, I've been using DOS since 1987 and it still doesn't make much sense to me.)

First of all, any ROM you want to convert has to have no spaces in the file name. (I'm pretty sure there are programs that will convert spaces to underscores and vice versa, if you don't want to manually rename them all.)

To convert a .MD format ROM into a .SMD format ROM, you would have the ROM in the same directory as MegaConv and type:

megaconv <romname>.md -s <romname>.smd
So, if you had a ROM named sonic.md you would type

megaconv sonic.md -s sonic.smd
And it would convert the .MD format ROM into .SMD.

As far as I can tell, you can't convert anything into .BIN format using MegaConv, but once you've converted it to .SMD, you could then use another tool such as GROM or whatever that Windows program was I linked earlier in this thread that I don't feel like looking up the name of to convert to .BIN, if you need it in .BIN format. (.SMD should run fine in most emulators, but you need .BIN if you want to hack a ROM.)

I tested this in XP, so I can vouch that MegaConv works there. Dunno if it works in Vista or 7.

You could write a batch file that would convert all of your .MD ROMs into .SMD ROMs but it's been so damn long since I wrote a batch file that I would have to do some research to actually tell you what to put into it. (It should only take like 2 lines of code.)
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Hey, I stumbled across this thread. I'm the coder of SMD BIN WIN.

Yeah, oddly enough all emulators I've tested don't handle md's documented format standard correctly.

Real md files are actually just binary files with some byte rearranging.

If the files are valid md files you shouldn't have trouble converting them. If my app couldn't convert them, you may have found a bug. I'll take note of that on any future releases.

I actually released a slightly newer version of my app (a year or two ago) under another name. You may want to give it a shot. I'll post that on my site in the next day or two if your interested.

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excellent! thanks for your comments vectorman! i really like your programs interface but just not sure why it didnt work for me. anyways, i found this other program after asking on another form so i thought id share it:
http://ucon64.sourceforge.net/ is the main site but i used the mirror here: http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/d...ect/uc/ucon64/
its used for reading and writing to flashcarts for a various assortment of different consoles (genesis included!) and therefor also does excellent conversions of files.

took a bit of configuration but it is well documented so it should be easy (i used the cygwin with the added gui). just clicked on convert rom to SMD, selected the file i wanted and in about a second it was done and working!

as for any new versions you have vectorman, id love to give em a shot. might have just been the one file that failed to work properly for some reason...or could be all of them are in an odd format. anyways..this one seemed to work!
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