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Default Shadow of the Colossus

A game about scaling enormous beasts that are taller than skyscrapers and stabbing them to death? Yes, please. This game is a ton of fun. I was more than happy to vote for the creativity and guts it took to create such a design with my wallet, and nabbed up the last copy they had at Hastings.

My main gripes are with the same things that most other reviews gripe about. First off, the frame rate. Sometimes it's so slow that it's near unplayable. This is sort of sad, considering most of the environments lack any sort of critters running around for the most part. I mean, sure, the visuals are impressive, but the choppy frame rate just hurts so bad.

The second is with the camera. It tries to position itself in "epic" positions to capture the action rather than useful ones, so really you end up trying to fight the camera's control away from the game.

The colossus fights are amazing though. They're big. Really. Freaking. Big. I mean, when they take a swing at you, you'll say "holy shit!" out loud. They throw up dirt, dust, and swing massive stone weapons at you, or try to stomp your silly ass into the ground. Grab a handful of fur and hold on tight.

So I'd give this game a 7/10. If the main character didn't run so damn goofy, and if the frame rate weren't so awful, I'd give it a 10/10 easily.
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