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Default Has anyone tried to rip Gamecube music?

I have a TON of soundtracks already (from here of course; 1GB AT LEAST), and was wondering if anyone has at least attempted to rip GCN music. I want to expand my collection, heh. And plus, some of my all-time favorite gametunes are on the GCN. So if no one has attempted yet...is there a timeframe on when it'll likely become availiable?
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If no one has attempted it, how could they possibly have a time frame on when it will happen? I mean, if they knew enough about it to know exactly when it would be successful, they'd already have enough knowledge to be successful, thus they would already be doing it. It's not like you put a disc in the drive and 9 months later a baby pops out, hacking can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 195 years.

That's a moot point, though, because people have already ripped GCN music. However, the GCN doesn't use one specific music format. Neither do any other modern systems. If you can't find GCN music, then you must suck at Google.
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As InVerse says, people have done it. Only games with streamed audio though, which fortunately is a lot of the games. The best thing to play them is probably the Winamp plug-in VGMstream (available here).
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Yes, thanks to everybody at GR with their suggestions. Even if I didn't use yours, like with Dire Straits, I still appreciated it.

By the way, I left out the famous 3D Dire Straits video because while it is polygonal, it doesn't really look like a game. That was my stern judgment and I stand by it.
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