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Default Surprise! Red Coin Quest Public Demo!

After 3 months of production, a public demo is finally ready for reason in this hack of SMB3. I won't go through the changes in this hack except for those that are not explained in the read me.

Speaking of the read me. To obtain the IPS patch contained without the .zip file, you must download the file below and extract the it. Read the read me file. Through reading it, you'll come upon the password needed to extract the IPS patch in Luigi.zip. Why did I do this? To prevent getting asked multiple questions that can easily be answered by glancing at the read me file. (Thanks to Vystrix Nexoth for this idea).

If you can't download this, then get a better browser or get it from someone else :P

So what's so cool about this hack? A lot of graphical effects have been employed to make the hack much better looking than Mario Adventure ever was. Most of the TSA in the game has been hacked. There are now 16 frames of animations for animated tiles. There is also a new foreground engine, previously missing from the original game, which is also used to create fake transparency with objects such as water.

This is a one player hack without saving. You can re-enter stages after beating for this demo only. There are multiple exits in 2 stages (the screenshots sort of give that way). One stage has 3 exits, where as the other has 1. The pipe in the center of the map can be reached with the one of the secret exits in one of the stages (thanks to hacked lock block data).

There is a hidden Frog Suit block, Tanooki Suit block, and Hammer Suit block in 3 of the stages (not all one all three, but 1 in each) of this demo, so search for them!'

The introduction of the game has been changed to a more simpler logo display. Also, the status screen that appears over the map when starting the game has been taken out of the game completely, so you jump right into the game.

The patch was made with Super Mario Bros 3 (U)(PRG 1).nes. Enjoy this public demo and any comments or suggestions are greatly welcome! (btw, the screenshots give away some things about the game, so when in doubt, look at the screens!).

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