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Azul Fria
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Default bsnes v0.75

The SNES emulator for Windows/DOS has been updated

  • completely rewrote memory sub-system to support 1-byte granularity in XML mapping;
  • removed Memory inheritance and MMIO class completely, any address can be mapped to any function now;
  • SuperFX: removed SuperFXBus : Bus, now implemented manually;
  • SA-1: removed SA1Bus : Bus, now implemented manually;
  • entire bus mapping is now static, happens once on cartridge load;
  • as a result, read/write handlers now handle MMC mapping; slower average case, far faster worst case;
  • namespace memory is no more, RAM arrays are stored inside the chips they are owned by now;
  • GameBoy: improved CPU HALT emulation, fixes Zelda: Link's Awakening scrolling;
  • GameBoy: added serial emulation (cannot connect to another GB yet), fixes Shin Megami Tensei - Devichil;
  • GameBoy: improved LCD STAT emulation, fixes Sagaia;
  • ui: added fullscreen support (F11 key), video settings allows for three scale settings;
  • ui: fixed brightness, contrast, gamma, audio volume, input frequency values on program startup;
  • ui: since Qt is dead, config file becomes bsnes.cfg once again;
  • Super Game Boy: you can now load the BIOS without a game inserted to see a pretty white box;
  • ui-gameboy: can be built without SNES components now;
  • libsnes: now a UI target, compile with 'make ui=ui-libsnes';
  • libsnes: added WRAM, APURAM, VRAM, OAM, CGRAM access (cheat search, etc);
  • source: removed launcher/, as the Qt port is now gone;
  • source: Makefile restructuring to better support new ui targets;
  • source: lots of other internal code cleanup work.

Download it here or at http://www.byuu.org
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