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king killa
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Default Online Level Editor.

Anyone remember my SMB text editor online? Well, I have taken a GIANT step from there. for that past few weeks, I have been putting together an online level editor for Solomon's Key. I know an editor was recently made for this game, but it was only for the Japenese version.

Current Features:
Hex editing of each level.
Point and Click editing of each level.
Preview level before hacking it.
After level is hacked, it is remembered, so you can edit another level, and the new patch will include the previous edited levels.
To start the rom from scratch again, go to: http://www.whyteboard.org/killa/key/?new=1

Current Flaws:
Can't edit special items/enemies.
If two people are hacking it at the same time, one may be overwritten, and both people might get the same hack.
Only tested on English version.

Check it out!
<a href=http://www.whyteboard.org/killa/key/>http://www.whyteboard.org/killa/key/</a>

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