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Default Re: A Small FF4 Advance Editor

Yah, but that's not exactly what I ment. I ment that if the equipment was seperated like the sprites in the early build there would be seperate enteries for Dark Knight Cecil, Paladin Cecil, Child Rydia, and Adult Rydia the would resault in Fusoya occuping that data location, but then shortening to rom to only include one data entry each for both Cecil and Rydia forms would move them all forward leaving that data entry blanked as the old format's Fusoya. However this still would leave the question of why it was left and Golbez's which would have been after it was removed, assuming the Anna theory was never true. That is unless Golbez didn't really have equipment and someone changes Edges dopple entry into Golbez's after the change and Fusoya to Anna just for fun Since I can't see why Golbez needed equipment really either since he can't attack with anything other than magic and his stats would be whatever you gave them.
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