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Default ROM trouble on VBA

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ROM Issues

So, I have recently come to love codebreaker codes, for the simple fact that I absolutely despise how long it takes to earn AP in this game. Five battles to master a skill? Really? No way. Not me.

Trying to figure codes out from scratch is like trying to peel my nails off one by one. I'm not very good at it, and it's not meant to be done (by me). But, VBA has a wonderful 'cheat search' feature, which I use on a regular basis and am somewhat comfortable with.

However, I should have known using Codebreaker codes would lead to trouble.

I used a few 'max stats' codes for a specific battle, and then decided that the game would be entirely boring with all of my characters so beefy. I deleted the cheat list.

Problem? Yes. Stats stayed the SAME. Thus, I had to reload my most recent save from BEFORE the cheat list ( before the battle), but for some reason my MP was still 999 across the board.

So what do I do, in my infinite laziness? Certainly not start a new game. Oh no. I went through VBA's 'reassign value' cheat search feature to find the MP of each and every clan member.

Problem again? Why not, it's a great day for it.

Silly me. I forgot to write down which specific values were reassigned to which address, which means of course I simply HAD to make a mistake, and now I cannot for the life of me fix it.

So, now I am absolutely begging for a bit of help. I'm sure someone here is much more experienced than me with this, or can view the values without them having been tampered with. My issue is that I reassigned a value to the address that pertains to missions- now when I enter a pub, the barkeep claims that 'there aren't any missions on the board right now', and when I attempt to do Start > Clan > Mission List, I get a screen full of jumbled pixels. Also, a Jagd I don't have placed on the map constantly gets attacked by phantoms, and various missions pop up in the details of icons I do happen to have, even when I have not purchased these missions. Annoying? Quite.

THUS. I ask that someone please help me identify the address for 'missions', so that I may replace the value, and if possible help me finding the original value? I have three possible original values- 999, 152, or 270. I have a list of possible addresses, but no surety of them. They may be other junk I did earlier, and now I'm scared crapless to wander around swapping values again.

Would simply re-downloading the ROM itself reset the values (my common sense says no)? Or does VBA save reassigned values with save states (my common sense says most likely- damn me for constantly using save states and cheating)? I'm willing to do all the real work on my own if anyone could even just nudge me in the right direction... I'm not sure how to isolate this address and between my mediocre level of experience with this and the terrible guides I'm finding, it's not gonna happen. But I'm really not okay with just letting the game flop. That would suck.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I sent you a PM about your problem, maybe it will be of some use.
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