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Default Bill Gates is every single Bond villain ever rolled into one... apparently...

You heard me. According to Moonbattery (who I keep an eye on to see where the insane fringes of the American right are going) are now saying that vaccines actually kill people and that Bill Gates is calling for the end of all life on Earth.

No, really. Read it. That's what they say.

The YouTube comments on the embedded video are great too. The highest rated (51 people gave this thumbs up, FIFTY-FUCKING-ONE!) says "Bill Gates gives the same arguments Hitler did with the jews for vital space.", and the second highest rated (30 thumbs up, why do I even go to YouTube?) says "Plus he's a queer. Go to hell Bill Gay", which obviously has some sort of relevance that I can't see because I can't think down to that level.

There is one other YouTube comment though (not made by me, but given a thumbs up from me) that seems to have come from the only other sane person there and hits upon a somewhat more plausible explanation than genocide for what Gates said:
He isn't suggesting eugenics at all. As you raise the standard of living which includes health care, vaccines, just general standard of living, levels of education etc., then you notcie that the general rate of population growth by this declines.

For instance, as India has increased it's socioeconomic standing the birth rate has decreased. It's still more than that of first world countries but as standard of living and education continues to grow then birth rate will trend downward in general
When he says better healthcare will reduce the population, it's because we already seen that it happens. When various nations get a better standard of living, they stop having so many children because infant mortality falls and there is less need to have half a dozen children because your first child will probably grow to adulthood. This is common knowledge, I was actually taught about the various population phases that nations go through at school, reducing the death rate means the birth rate is sure to follow.

Now I know YouTubers are hardly the sharpest tools in the box at the best of times, but this is just on a whole new planet. How are so many people so willing to immediately jump to genocide as the first explanation? How are they so paranoid that mass murder is the first thing to enter their heads? What sort of mass insanity is happening here? I don't like Bill Gates at all (in fact, I avoid Microsoft products as much as I can and think he's done massive damage to the world of computing) but even I'm not going to accuse him of plotting genocide for fuck's sake!

What the hell is happening?
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