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Default KiGB Linux help needed

I'm kind of a Linux noob at the moment so I'm having trouble figuring everything out.. Firstly, I don't have Windows. It won't install anymore. It decided to stop running and that was that, really. Not important, it sucked anyway.
Now I'm running Ubuntu Jaunty.
I have KiGB installed, and it runs fine except it won't play any sound.
I tried some other emulators, and sound worked fine in those.. but none of them had link cable support so I'd really like to get this working in KiGB. I installed everything Allegro I could find in the package manager but still nothing..

Also, my friend and I want to play Pokemon online. I'm using Yellow and I think he's using Blue. Red or Blue definitely, not sure which though.

We tried connecting directly to each other's IP, and we tried through Hamachi, but can't seem to get it to work.
He's on Windows though, which may be a problem? But considering the documentation says the maker uses a networking library, he's probably using raw sockets, and they should be able to communicate okay. Sadly I don't have a LAN cable to test linking the two directly.

Due to the OS difference there's also a version difference.. though the change log doesn't report any link cable changes between 2.0.5 and 2.0.2.

Does anyone know anything about this?
I've searched the internet tirelessly and all I can find is minimal reports on successful linking directly with a LAN cable (no mention of KiGB version or OS though), and one mention of someone not having sound in KiGB on Fedora, with no helpful replies (the responder thought the guy perhaps pirated KiGB )

Also I'm not very skilled with Hamachi so that may be an issue? I connected to the network on it alright, and see him in the user list so I think that's all working.

PS: I am able to connect to myself with two instances open, one hosting, and the other connecting to (seriously what? Is it not supposed to be It won't let me change it either). It makes the game speed up super fast though.. I won't mind that so long as we can actually connect and have some Pokemon battles. :]
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I'm betting your emulator uses something like OSS while your OS is using alsa.... have you looked at the emulator documentation to see what sound system it uses?
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It says "Sound card : many (supported by Allegro)" but I'm not sure what Allegro is using. It looks like it supports both.

I just went into my sound preferences and the test for OSS isn't working. So it might be trying to use OSS when that doesn't work on my system.. I'll try to figure that out.

Also I found a 2.0.2 version for Windows for my friend to try to connecting with, but that didn't work either.

Thanks for the quick response. :] Wasn't expecting anything for the night. lol

EDIT: Installed the latest Alsa and PulseAudio..the Sound option in the menu isn't grayed out anymore, but now it can't load any ROMs... @___@ Also I installed alsa-oss which is a wrapper for OSS calls to go through Alsa apparently.. That I installed earlier, and it didn't seem to change anything.

EDIT2: This is definitely a problem with allegro and my sound or something. Trying out one of the example Allegro programs yields more descriptive errors than freezing. I'll probably go ask Allegro forums about it, or try to figure it out myself. x.x; Still need some help with the link cable though..too bad any tests will have to wait till I can get KiGB to play ROMs again.

EDIT3: Fixed my system sound, KiGB's still isn't working. However I'm almost certain it has something to do with my system not currently supporting MIDI, as all the sound demos for Allegro work except for the MIDI ones, and when I try to enable MIDI in the Allegro config, those demos error.

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