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Default Help! Castlevania COTM

Having finished the game in its entirety I decided to get the rom and attempt to hack it. I've failed miserably and ask for a little help. What I want to do is have a character started in VK mode but all stat max/ hp max/ mana mx/ heart max will start with either 0 or 1 (probably 1). It seems everytime I edit the save state in a hex editor it erases the save completely.

What really bothers me is the instructions for changing the stats (in the rpgclassics shrine Castlevania COTM) give me hex variables that don't even match any of the hex editor locations in the editor/s I attempted to use.

I'm using the visualboy advance emulator to play the rom. I downloaded each of these and attempted to hack:

0032 - Castlevania (E)


0045 - Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (U)

Maybe it is kind of pointless to play the game any further but when sometimes I just get on a gaming bender. I wouldn't also mind trying an amped up version of shooter mode where the characters starts with 9700 in all stats (i'd say 9999 but I want some incentive to attempt it on that easy of a mode).
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Default Re: Help! Castlevania COTM

Hum... Odd why would it delete the save outright.
Well that is unless you corrupt the savestate in your edit.
Personally I haven't worked with any GBA games except messing around a bit in Castlevania Aria of Sorrow and then it wasn't savestate editing.
Anyway I seem to remember something about saves made by different emus being different so the locations are probably moved. So you may need to look around abit for the correct data.
I should point out changing the stats, in save, will lead often to thing like, when the character levels up, they get reset to their original state as they are hard coded based on level not just in save to increase. The effect can differ depending how the game handles the coding. I forget though, its been awhile since I messed with any save hacking.Oh and in case your not keep a back up

Oh and one more thing (E) means Europe and (U) means US best figure out which your information is for first, as it does make a difference usually.
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