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Default Table maker that is incredibly easy to use and runs on windows 7

Hey all. It's been a while.

I took some time to learn a programming language or 3 and decided to get back into hacking. Or at least simple nes text hacking to start.

I started following a beginners tutorial, easy enough, till it says I need a table maker. Well the one the tutorial maker had on his site is no longer there (broken link). Alright, no big deal, I knew there had to be others.

Here's the trouble though. Either they run on M-Dos, or are for windows versions 2000 back. Win7 has trouble supporting these files. I got TAG to work to an extent, but after about 10 or so upper case letters (only alphabet in Zelda 2) it stopped and crashed. When I tried again it only gave me half a table (I input about 6 hex values for different letters, and yes, they where correct), and then crashed.

So given what I've told you all, is there a more modern (Xp-7) table maker that won't give a beginner to much of a fit?

If it helps the languages I know are QB, C++ and Java.

Ok finally got tag to make a table file for Zelda 2. However I still need a modern one that can make a kanji table.
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