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Default sharp x68000 continued

thanks to D-- I got Daimakaimura working by moving to XM6 instead of winx68k but now my delema seems to be that im having difficulty figureing out how to configure the controls. I've got some of the key board working but thats about it. I've tried for a while ,but to no avail. Just need a push in the right direction
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You most likely will not be able to configure the keyboards unless the game's options have an internal key mapper. If you can't figure out which keys to use, try using the Numeric Keypad to control direction: many RPGs on the system like Emerald Dragon work this way. Usually action buttons are some combination of Alt, Ctrl or Space. Escape or F1 is usually a menu option. The X68000 keyboard also has a "HELP" key which I believe XM6 allows you to remap. Some games use it for hints (Emerald Dragon, for example, shows the area map when this key is pressed).

If you mean controllers, same applies. Do not expect to remap it. If you aren't sure which controller buttons Windows is mapping as I and II go to Control Panel>Game Controllers, then double click your device and check what makes those buttons light up on the screen. Once you check the option in XM6 to say a controller is attached, the game will automatically use it if it supports controllers. If it does not, then you are out of luck. You could try a keypress emulator like Joy2Key (going to have to Google, but it used to be popular for dosbox).
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thanks that helped a bunch!
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