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Default Brief Thoughts (back from NJ)

My 1988 Honda Civic now has over 308,000 miles on it . . . Quite a few more than the newer cars lining the interstate because people like to go 85 miles an hour and then wonder why they break down.

Didn't hook up with the (legal) high schooler . . . Did, however, get the phone number of a cheerleading coach at a competition I watched though . . . Yes, I was a cheerleader. No, I am not gay.

The job market in "that area" (being NJ, Mass, Penn, etc...) is okay . . . Moving to any of these areas is pretty damn near impossible though, as every landlord wants "this months and next months" rent now, along with a deposit . . . If I could only figure out how to go an entire month without having to go to sleep, it would be so much easier.

Started writing another book that I'll never finish . . . Currently, I've got 4 seperate manuscripts that are each around 300 pages in length. I don't like writing anything lengthy, spare perhaps a lengthy post once in a while . . . Such a shame that there's virtually no market for rhyming poetry anymore.

Said good bye to some people in NJ who I know I will never meet again . . . It's kind of strange. There is always the possibility of a chance meeting 20 years down the line, but for all practical purposes . . .

Well, I'll be back later with more thoughts probably. Now, I'm going to eat my Spagettios.

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