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Default FEoEZ-SJNS Graphics packs released.

The graphic packs have been optimized 100% as a result of my reverse engineering. They are available at http://www.caitsith2.com/sjns/ or http://ipherswipsite.com/spc7110/.

Back when the packs were dumped, they ended up as an ungodly 140MBs, an amount that most people were absolutely not willing to download, even more so when it is a dialup connection. Not only that, Bandwidth was a very big issue.

Next was trimming by play testing the game, to find out how much to trim off of each pack, followed by more play testing to get more trimming and to make sure nothing got overtrimmed. I estimate 1 month of well organized playtesting, by even those that know the game well, is not likely to result in 100%, but more like 80-90%, which works around to 20-30MBs compressed. 100% optimization works out to < 8 MBs uncompressed.

Enjoy them.<img src=smilies/cwm11.gif>

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