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Post De Facto Emulator for Each Console/Handheld (Windows)

UPDATE: In the intervening 6 years, there is now a really good wiki for that goes well beyond what I could do alone. I'll leave the latest content in the OP for posterity.

Emulation Wiki

I love you, Zophar!


This is meant to be a complete listing of the best emulators for each console/handheld. I will update the OP to reflect feedback from the community. If a console/handheld is not listed, I don't emulate it and don't have a personal reference. Please contribute!


In the event of any posts disputing "best" emulator, all candidates will be listed until there is a majority consensus, if there is one.


Just to clarify, "best" emulator should be judged on 3 facets (in order of priority):
+++ Compatibility
++ Speed
+ Features
BONUS Accuracy

A very compatible emulator that runs slowly should be considered over one which runs fewer titles very quickly (but this case applies mostly to emulators for consoles released in the last 10 years). Feature count can be used as a kind of tipping scale between emulators of similar compatibility and speed.

Accuracy is largely unnoticeable in most titles by most people, plus very accurate emulators typically do not improve visuals and sound. If an emulator has best-in-class accuracy, but cannot be played smoothly on modern systems and does not provide, say, save states, it will receive an honorary mention, but will not be listed first for a console.



NES: Nestopia, FCEUX
SNES: ZSNES, SNES9x, higan
N64: Project64, 1964
GameCube: Dolphin
Wii: Dolphin
Game Boy: Visual Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance: Visual Boy Advance
Virtual Boy: vbjin


PS1: ePSXe, pSX


Xbox: Cxbx, Dxbx


Master System: Fusion
Genesis (aka Mega Drive): Fusion, Regen
CD: Fusion
32X: Fusion
Saturn: SSF
Dreamcast: DEmul, nullDC
Game Gear: Fusion


TurboGrafx-16 (aka PC Engine): Magic Engine, Turbo Engine

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