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Maximum Potion
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Originally Posted by InVerse View Post
And last I knew, firearms were not originally designed to kill people, unless you're one of those PETA fucks that can't tell the difference between a deer and a human.
Do you have facts with which to back this up? I would be interested in seeing them.
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Guns don't kill people..


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The 9th Sage
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Originally Posted by Burzy View Post
Guns don't kill people..


Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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I love UHF.

Also, firearms (strictly speaking, guns refer to artillery) are weapons modified from artillery, such as cannons, to be fired by handheld or portable means (although, technically, the cannons were developed from fire-lances, which were a sort of proto-firearm attached a spear). This was done in order to create a more portable weapon, more capable of penetrating armor than than the bow and arrow or a sling. Now, to be fair, a great deal of technology prior to the invention of civil engineering was developed primarily for military purposes, but given the history of firearms, how could one even argue that their military use didn't play a part in their development and design?

Also, why is it that so many gun people think that if you aren't as crazy for guns as they are, then you're automatically against guns? I was actually making the argument that the manufacturer of a product shouldn't be held liable for the use of their product by a consumer, even if the action is inherently consistent with the intended use of that product. And killing people is consistent with the design of a firearm, and we've substantially improved our ability to kill efficiently with those weapons. Repeating shots isn't necessary for hunting, most game will run away after the first shot, if you miss, and if you're hunting something that doesn't run away after the first shot, wasting a shot will probably get you killed (and, of course, hunting big game wouldn't be fun without the threat of getting trampled by an elephant or eaten by a bear). A semi-automatic or automatic weapon is really only useful when your "game" shoots back.
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