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Default New TG16 CD dub need help with Hes files extraction!!!

Hi guys, thanks for reading this post, I'm just joined the forums and have some questions about adpcm sound extraction, I will tell you a little history first; my older sister began working some months ago in the sound departament of one of the major tv networks here in my country, there she met the people who does the dubs for the shows and movies and eventually I met them too, the last week we were joking about the things which must be dubbed but there aren't yet, I mentioned "TG16 CD games" and the director went nuts!!! he ask me lots of questions about it and was a bit surprised of my knowledge of the system for someone relatively young as me, he told me he had the idea of doing that just for fun for a long time now but never gave it a shot, besides none of the people there know nothing about programing.
They agree to dub some clips of a game of my choice just to see how the results are, I will just say ohhh boy the guys are really profesionals!!!! I choosed YS 3 and 4 clips (the final "dialog" between gardner and adol in YS 3 was dubbed to spanish and the dialog of the failed resurrection of Lord Arem in english) that sounded great!!! I doubt even Falcom could do that kind of work even if they wanted to localize and dub those games someday!!!!
They were very happy with the results and want to try a complete dub!!!!
Now here's where I need your help; I know how to extract and reinsert adpcm sound with the program from the site of NW I have so far all the spoken dialog of YS 3 but I were unable to find the music and sound efects (the sounds like the music of redmont, the shops tune or the sound played when the gate at the chapel is open) because they are PSG chiptunes HES music and I need a way to extract it as well a way to reinsert it, it would be a shame to waste this golden oportunity to have some games dubbed in english and spanish with profesional dubbing artists!!!
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