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Default Re: 60Hz MAME32?

> I don't want to play arcade games on my TV, just on my PC
> monitor, but some games have slightly-off refresh rates that
> make the game skip when I play them.

If a game is skipping, it's not due to its refresh rate, it's due to your computer not being fast enough to run the game. However, if you have VSync enabled, that will cause the game to skip, as it'll be running faster or slower than it's supposed to and the sound will have to skip to keep up. <img src=smilies/headshake.gif>
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Richter X
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Default Re: 60Hz MAME32?

Actually, TVMAME never had that problem. It skips a small bit on the Namco shooters. All the drivers are set to 60Hz, so they run slightly slower, and no sound skipping.
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