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Default Jade v0.12

After some trickeration in the past 24 hours, I made the link visible. (I hid the link in the background last night.) Anyway, Jade was updated to v0.12, and here are the details:<ul>[*]Happy 1 year anniversary of Jade! Although I had originally hoped that this would be completed within a year, well, that obviously didn't happen... Why do I get the feeling this project will never end? =p[*]General: Every editor is now tab friendly. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while now. I know how annoying the tab order was, so please spare my insignificant life... [*]Monster Editor: Merged Spoils Editor into the Monster Editor. It is still 800x600 friendly too. Although, now it looks kind of ugly! [*]Spoils Editor: I hope you didn't get too used to this, it has been completely destroyed![*]Monster, Spells, Text, and Weapon Editors: Fixed the cosmetic bug from a few versions back. It will no longer display text from the wrong version if you load one then the other without exiting. Also, any changes you make to the "variables" in the Text Editor will be updated upon saving, so you no longer need to exit/re-open Jade for those changes to take effect. (Like if you change "Pass" to "Passport" it will look for the new change immediately in dialogue.)[*]Monster and Weapon Editors: I should have done this sooner, AI is now fully editable. There are two unused spells, and both editors didn't allow the use of one. Now re-added, so knock yourself out.[/list]
^_^ Do enjoy, although the update does seem quite small.

This will probably be the last version for about a month or so, since I'm taking a small break from coding for now. Happy holidays everyone.

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Default Re: Jade v0.12

> Happy 1 year anniversary !!!

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